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At MITY, our goal is to make it easy for you to find the perfect furniture for each space in your facility. And since chairs are such an important piece, we thought we’d give you a little help in how to narrow down which of our chairs will fit your needs and the needs of your customers—in just six steps.

Nothing brings more warmth, style, and finesse into a space than a well-built chair. But a good chair needs to be comfortable as well as stylish and durable. After all, what other piece of furniture literally bears more responsibility in supporting you?

So, how do you get the best chairs for your facility? It’s easy! Download “Get the Perfect Chair in 6 Easy Steps” to help you focus on the most important features. Knowing the answers to these questions will save you time while placing your order

When it comes to chairs, MITY has many options from durable wooden frames, to lightweight steel frames, to comfortable folding chairs. Here’s a rundown to help guide your search.

Well-Built Wooden Chairs

If you’re looking for long-lasting durability and comfort, nothing beats a well-made wooden chair. Its strength, durability, and reliability make it one of the most versatile organic building materials. There’s a timeless quality to wooden furniture that improves the look and feel of any space. Regardless of the look or aesthetic you’re going for, wooden pieces can be brought in to practically any design.

A lot goes into to making our top-quality wooden chairs. Download the “Well Made Wood Chair” infographic for more details.

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Durable Steel that Stores Well

When you need extreme light weight and portability, our durable steel-frame chairs might be just the ticket. MityLite banquet chairs offer comfortable seating that’s stackable and fits a budget. Some chairs can stack up to 14 high. You can also get added comfort options with our patented FormFlex® seat and flex-back.

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Comfortable Folding Chairs

Nothing beats a good folding chair when it comes to events that require quick set up, take down, and easy storage capabilities. However, there’s no need to sacrifice comfort and quality. MITY folding chairs set the standard for comfort at an economical price, with breathable seats and backrests that flex and contour to the body. Best of all, they are constructed with high-impact steel & stain-resistant polymers that stand up to the rigors of commercial use for indoor and outdoor events.

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