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The more people come to rely on their mobile devices, the more prevalent this low-battery anxiety becomes.

In some cases, this anxiety manifests into a full-blown anxiety disorder known as Nomophobia.

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One of the most anxiety-inducing scenarios:

Being forced to choose between spending time with friends and family or protecting your phone while it’s plugged into some out-of-the-way outlet.

Smartphone technology continues to advance, but batteries aren’t keeping up.

Having access to charging stations becomes increasingly important for people to function effectively throughout their day.

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People wouldn’t need to worry about battery life if they were confident that they’d always have enough convenient charging options at hand.

Tips for Industry Leaders

Improve customer experience by having portable charging stations; not only in the places where people work, but where they play, such as pools decks, restaurants, and bars.

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Providing portable charging stations throughout your property will ease the anxiety of your mobile-dependent customers.

Phone Advertising

Charged Devices Means Free Advertising

Customers can only leave reviews when their devices are charged. If you help them keep those devices running, it’s more likely the reviews will be positive. Plus, think of all the free advertising you get when customers can use their devices (with fully-charged batteries) to check in and post great photos to social media platforms.

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When customers use their devices at your property using your Wi-Fi, you can track the data, which enables you to create better experiences for them—and better marketing efforts to benefit your business.

Keep Employee Devices Charged

Having charging stations throughout your property will not only make customers happy, it helps your employees do their jobs. These days, employees rely on their devices to access customer information and provide valuable suggestions regarding services, shopping, dining, and entertainment.

Keep Devices Charged

What Retailers Know

What Retailers Know

Smart retailers provide charging stations throughout their stores. That’s because 75% of customers use their phones to make purchasing decisions. Forbes reports having secure charging locations prompts customers to stay twice as long and purchase more—on average 50% more transactions!

The BEST Solution: Functional Charging Stations

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Perfect for business meetings or social events, these portable charging tables are attractive, functional, and easy to store.

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