How durable are "Linenless" tables?

Reveal Laminate vs “Swirl” Aluminum Tables

In March we doubled the size of our Reveal Linen-less Table line. Now there are more shapes, sizes and options than ever before. View our latest data sheets from the Reveal product page.

Prior to our latest product launch, we set out to determine how durable our new Reveal Linen-less banquet tables are using some real-world testing protocols.

Linen-less Events

The growing popularity of “Linenless” events, particularly among hospitality and meeting venues has spurred a new set of challenges to those at the forefront of supplying these innovative tables. Of particular concern is the environmental stress (heat and cold) and scratch resistance of the table surface. It’s no surprise that a “linenless table” is only going to deliver an ROI for a facility as long as the appearance of the table justifies it being presented to event attendees without being covered. The problem with many of the “Linenless” tables currently in the marketplace, particularly aluminum top tables, is that they get so easily scratched that they only look good for a few years. To combat this, MityLite designed Reveal tables to utilize a high-pressure laminate surface across all shapes and sizes.

You may be wondering just how durable is a commercial-grade laminate surface? How does it stand up to both ambient and direct heat and scratching?

To find out these answers read on. FYI – MityLite’s product testing goes beyond the BIFMA standard testing guidelines. Each of the tests took the product past normal wear and tear.

Environmental Test

This is our ambient heat test. We tested how Reveal tables held up to heat, cold and humidity. MityLite is unique in the industry as to how we put our products through aggressive environmental testing. Our test chamber cycles from extremes in temperature (that could be found in harsher climates around the world) from -20ºF 0%RH to 120ºF 85%RH.

Result – After one year of extreme cycle testing – Reveal Tables were examined and NO discernible negative effects were discovered.

Direct Heat Test

For our direct heat test we placed chafer fuel directly on Reveal’s commercial-grade laminate surface for a continuous four hours.

Result – After the four hour time had elapsed, the surface looked no different from when the test started. You can safely heat your chafers on a Reveal table surface without any concerns.

Abrasion Comparison Test

Our most interesting test is the Abrasion or “Scratch” test. For this durability test we use an air piston that rubs a chafer with a fixed weight in the serving tray. For this particular test we used a 2o pound fixed weight. To make things even more intriguing we tested the Reveal commercial-grade laminate surface and compared it to a swirled aluminum table surface. Each surface was taken through a minimum of 300 cycles (see video at the end of this post).

Competitor “Swirl” Aluminum Table Surface

The competitive “swirl” aluminum table surface has a clear or tinted clear coat painted on to the aluminum surface. We found that the swirl aluminum surface started showing scratches within 100 cycles. By 300 cycles there were actually deep grooves with piles of residue where the dish attained its maximum reach. It is clear that the chafer’s legs quickly etched through all of the protective coating and were scratching the aluminum surface.

Reveal Commercial-Grade Laminate Surface

After 300 cycles under the same protocol, the Reveal laminate showed some black marks on the surface of the table. We found that the laminate actually “sanded off” metal from the chafer to leave marks behind. These marks were easily wiped off with a mild cleaning solution. Even after 600 cycles the residue could simply be wiped off.

From this comparison test, it was clear that Reveal’s commercial-grade laminate surface withstood scratching from an object used everyday in the “real world” environment in which this type of table functions. Further, the test showed Reveal’s Linen-less Table surface performed much better than the swirl top aluminum surface.

In our testing, we simulate real-world scenarios and then take products beyond normal wear typically seen in a products lifetime. It is very important to us that our products not only meet, but exceed your requirements. This philosophy starts in the design and production phases of a product and are evidenced in how they perform in testing and over years of use in your facility. By this token, Reveal Linen-less Tables meet our standards to exceed your expectations AND are Durable by Design.