Folding Table FAQs

How much should I be paying for folding tables? 

You might be tempted to choose the folding tables that cost the least, but consider folding tables as an investment. A table that costs less may end up costing you more in the long run if you have to continually replace it. There are other benefits to buying higher-end tables as well; for instance, an aluminum table is among the most expensive tables on the market, but these tables are outdoor friendly and also some of the most sanitary if your social function involves food.

Pricing varies from table to table. Expect to spend $65 to $400 for a 30” x 72” rectangular table and $80 to $475 for a 60” round table, not including shipping. Volume discounts start to apply after table purchases of 10 or more.

What table features work best for my environment?

Durability should be one of your primary considerations; a table that costs four times as much as a cheaper table may last ten times as long, proving to be a much better investment. Other factors that contribute to a table’s longevity include reliability, such as how long the surface can withstand contact with hot objects; edge design, whether the trim is chemically welded to the table’s surface; maintenance needs like refinishing and sanding; and corner construction, such as impact-resistant corners to prevent damage from accidental dropping.

You’ll also want to take weight into consideration. Think about your staff or volunteers (depending on your facility) that carry and setup your tables, not just the largest and strongest. You don’t want anybody to suffer back pain or injury from carrying tables that are too heavy for them. Don’t forget about the table’s ease of cleaning. If your facility involves a lot of arts and crafts or food, you’ll want a table that cleans without too much of a hassle. Lastly, investigate table cart options. Table carts will help you transport the tables to the storage area and prevent damage from dragging. However, you might find that your folding tables are used so often that you don’t need to put them away.

How do I choose between rectangular and round folding tables?

Rectangular tables are available in lengths ranging from 2 ½’ to 8’; widths range from 1 ½’ to 3’. A typical round table ranges anywhere from 24” to 72” in diameter; 60” is the most common and can seat from six to eight comfortably depending on the type of chair. Measure your facility and determine how many people you want to fit inside. Rectangular tables are often used for multi-purpose needs like community events, food service, dining and training, while round tables are most often used for banquets, weddings or other formal dining occasions.