MityLite Sets New Durability Standard with Round ABS Folding Tables Featuring MITY-EDGE

MityLite, Inc. has introduced a new durability standard for its round ABS Folding Table line through the introduction of MITY-EDGE™. Representing a proprietary new edge construction and application process, MityLite™ Round ABS Folding Tables with MITY-EDGE now offer customers marked durability improvements. When compared against leading competitors’ folding tables, MityLite’s Round ABS Folding Tables with MITY-EDGE last three times longer.

MityLite proves durability by simulating real-world use and measuring edge failure through a series of intense rolling and impact tests. The patented construction of MityLite’s ABS Tables ensures edge and corner durability as well as a level table surface that provides moderate heat shielding. The durable yet lightweight table structure supports more than 2,000 lbs. and provides for easy installation and takedown that reduces labor costs and increases facility output.

MityLite has also taken measures to enhance its entire line of ABS Folding Tables through new streamlined styling and by using more recycled content and eco-friendly manufacturing processes. Also new to the line, MityLite now provides an unbeatable 15-year warranty for its ABS Folding Tables, giving customers years of reliable service. The ABS Folding Table line is also supported with a broad cart selection, including flat, upright, edge, and stacking carts.

MityLite’s market standard for lightweight durability was set with its ABS Folding Table line more than 20 years ago. MityLite has since taken advantage of advances in materials and manufacturing processes to increase its folding table purchasing options for customers. Ideal for large event settings, MityLite ABS Folding Tables—available in a multitude of sizes, shapes, and finishes—give customers a lower overall cost of ownership, including greater durability assurances. For more information, call 1.800.327.1692 or visit