Though many companies tout their commitment to sustainable practicesat MITY Incorporated we take that commitment seriously. It’s my wish that we can all adopt a realistic and straight-forward approach to this commitment by following environmentally friendly practices at work. I hope you agree that manufacturing sustainable products is important so that we can help minimize the environmental impact along with providing great ROI for our customers

You can find our complete Corporate Sustainability Policy in the Employee Handbook. In the meantime, here are a few important things we do to be a green company 

Sustainability Policy 

  • Actively source raw materials with sustainable attributes 
  • Strive to use high-recycled content (pre- and post-consumer) when possible 
  • Use sustainably harvested materials and renewable sources for materials 
  • Prioritize using locally produced and supplied materials 
  • Build products that are GREENGUARD® Certified and that help our customers qualify for a LEED Certification 
  • Use manufacturing processes that reduce and eliminate scrap  
  • In instances were scrap cannot be avoided, our brands recycle wood and plastic fall-off, and steel and aluminum scrap to reduce waste 
  • Continually improve and modify manufacturing processes to increase efficiency and reduce waste, pollution, and energy consumption 
  • Report water and air quality results monthly and we are in full compliance with all city, state, and federal regulations 
  • Promote the use of electronic marketing and sales materials whenever possible 


At MITY, we will continue to search for materials, methods, and procedures that can be incorporated into product design and manufacturing processes that promote a better environment and the operational well-being of our customers. 


Tony R. Smith, CEO