Need an event dance floor? What to look for in portable dance floors…

Let’s get the party started. An important factor for any venue is the opportunity for increased revenue generation through safe and successful events. A portable dance floor is a key ingredient and one that maximizes facility offerings and income, while minimizing maintenance over a long period of time. To achieve the best return on your investment you need to evaluate portable dance floor alternatives in the following key areas:

  1. Durability
  2. Ease of Setup / Takedown
  3. Safety


Among the most popular temporary dance floors are those with either a wood or laminate surface. While a wood parquet floor might achieve a design preference, this surface is susceptible to indentations and punctures from high heels and is more often damaged and scratched. Wood surfaces also typically require periodic maintenance, such as sanding and refinishing. Today’s commercial laminate product achieves superior durability and can be easily customized.

Panel attachment design also greatly impacts a floor’s overall durability. Panel systems using cam-locks or set screws have moving parts that are more prone to breakage, slow down assembly and are difficult to keep track of. A magnetic wedge lock system presents a safer design and simpler assembly as there are no moving parts and absolutely nothing to break or lose.

Aluminum dance floor construction with magnetic wedge locks & commercial-grade laminate surface

Ease of Setup / Takedown

One of the most important issues to consider is whether the floor can be installed or disassembled easily. The industry standard for ease of use and speed of setup is the Magnattach® Portable Dance Floor. A 20’ x 20’ Magnattach floor can be setup or taken down in less than seven minutes! Installation of a portable dance floor with magnetic locks can be up to 90 percent faster than a dance floor of the same size requiring set screws.

A 20’ x 20’ Magnattach floor can be setup or taken down in less than seven minutes


Edge ramp design is a key safety factor. Look for edge ramps that are made from heavy-duty extruded aluminum and span across seams to lock adjacent panels to each other. Temporary dance floors with edge ramps that do not span seams fail to provide the additional security needed to prevent floor separation. The best designed edge ramp corners are welded together for a true one-piece design. By wrapping around the panel and attaching on adjacent sides, one-piece welded corners eliminate the open gap (common to other dance floors) that can act as a pinch point and potential tripping hazard.

One-piece welded corner seams
Edge ramps that span across lock adjacent panels to each other


The right portable dance floor is built to last, allows facilities to turn rooms quickly, and promotes safe use. There are many portable dance floor alternatives on the market today that supply various claims, but none can match the ease and speed at which a Magnattach Portable Dance Floor can be installed.

Seven minutes in and seven minutes out, Magnattach’s patented design makes it easy for you to turn successful events and maximize ROI. Though the upfront costs of some floors may be less, the labor savings from using Magnattach generate a lower cost of ownership after just one year, saving you more than $20,000 after just five years.

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